Commonly Asked Questions About Learning to Kitesurf

Commonly Asked Questions About Learning to Kitesurf

If you’re considering gaining knowledge of to kitesurf however you’re too frightened, or you believe you studied which you aren’t made for it, relaxation confident which you aren’t the handiest person who feels that way. Many humans experience an equal way and lots of surrender earlier than even contacting an expert instructor. In our quest to place humans relaxed and solution a number of the maximum typically requested questions on gaining knowledge of to kitesurf, we’ve teamed up with our buddy and skilled kitesurfing instructor, Mahmoud Elneny who teaches in Egypt, Red Sea Zone.


Is kitesurfing clean to research?

Kitesurfing is like every other sport, a few humans have greater expertise for it, a few others much less. How fast you may research kitesurfing relies upon some factors: for example, in which are you gaining knowledge of kitesurfing. If you take lessons in a niche that has shallow water, right wind situations and it is now no longer too crowded, you then definitely stand a higher danger in gaining knowledge quicker. However, in case you select a niche that has waves, gusty wind, or could be very crowded, it’d take you longer, as you will be spending greater time on foot with the kite in preference to seeking to get at the board.

Can women learn how to kitesurf?

Yes, many women do kitesurf already and the game is turning into an increasing number of famous women. They are very short to research, and that they appear to experience themselves loads whilst they’re riding.

Do I want to be an excellent swimmer earlier than gaining knowledge of kitesurfing?

When you’re kitesurfing, you’re above water. But, yes, you want to be at the least cushy withinside the water and be capable of swim a touch. Of course, it’s miles really useful to put on a flotation tool while you are moving into deep water.

Do I want sturdy legs and hands? Which muscle tissues are maximumly solicited in kitesurfing?

When you’re kitesurfing, you’re pulled at the water through the kite, that’s related to you thru the harness. But you’ll be the use of your legs to hold your position, and your hands to persuade the kite. The maximum solicited muscle tissues are generally your thighs and center muscle tissues. Paradoxically, the greater you’ll be kitesurfing, the more potent you’re however you do not want to apply your muscle tissues a lot due to the fact your approach improves. So, the higher you’re technical, the much less bodily attempt can be required.

How young/antique one should be to research kitesurfing?

For coverage purposes, the faculty can handiest train college students who might be over 15 years antique. But, privately, we can train more youthful humans too. The youngest scholar I’ve had here, privately become an eight years antique boy from Germany. Both his dad and mom are kitesurfers and have been very eager for his or her offspring to research as early as possible.

The oldest scholar we had become a 70 years antique gentleman from Italy. He continues to be complete with lifestyles and desires to experience it to the maximum.

What is the maximum hard factor whilst gaining knowledge of kitesurfing?

Kitesurfing, for beginners, can experience a touch bit counter-intuitive. If you experience a motorcycle, for example, you pass quicker in case you pedal with greater power. In kitesurfing, you get the power from the wind which draws the kite, so that you do not want to apply pressure to head quicker. You want to harness the wind by piloting the kite. So, our first recognition is to train the scholar on the way to efficiently pilot the kite and harness the electricity of the wind. After that, it is the stability and operating with the board.