Effective and Economic Spill Cleanup

Effective and Economic Spill Cleanup

The first oil spill occurred on the 6th of February, 1862 at Oil Springs in Canada and since then, this disaster has decimated Eco-systems and ruined bank-balances. An oil spill is the accidental release of hydrocarbons into the environment from rigs and wells in the form of gasoline, diesel or any other oily refuse. Despite every effort to prevent their occurrence, spills still happen, and when they do, the pollutants can spread over very large areas quickly – even as large as the entire state of Hawaii – and consequently wreak havoc both overland and on the sea, which is why recovery and cleanup become the primary objective.

At Tern Environmental, we are driven by this very objective as we design, develop and supply products that have made the process of spill cleanup less expensive and much more efficient. These products range from pads, rolls, socks, pillows, booms, pom poms, spill kits to drum pads, each of which is a revolution in spill cleanup. With this broad range, you can be certain of finding the spill-cleanup product suited to your requirements at Tern Environmental, no matter what the size of the spill or the climatic conditions prevailing over the affected area. Based in Houston, Tern Environmental is specialized in spill cleanup and control products that have a global reach in South America, the Middle East, Asia, and Europe. Great service and products that save you money – that’s our maxim.

Not only does the oil spill cause immediate environmental damage, but also long-term damage, with some of its repercussions lasting for decades afterward. The right cleanup products, however, can ensure that it never gets to that. One of the most popular of these products is the versatile oil boom. Designed specifically for the areas where spillage might occur, they are used to check the spread of oil to shorelines and also to concentrate the oil in thick surfaces, making oil recovery a lot easier. These oil booms come with a built-in floatation device. They also have a below-water skirt and an above-water freeboard to contain the oil and also longitudinal support to strengthen the boom so that it can withstand the harsh battering of the wind and the waves.

Then there are the absorbents – materials placed on the spillage affected area to absorb the pollutant and ensure quick cleanup. There are plenty of perks to using absorbents for spill cleanup. They can be used on any kind of shorelines, leave no material following the cleanup effort and some absorbent are also reusable.

However, the most efficacious cleanup device is the spill kit. Typically, the spill kit contains all the items necessary to counter the detrimental corollaries of the spill and also prevents the spread of the oil, especially on water. It includes the following items – dust-pans, protective overalls, waste bags, absorbent pads, gloves, and rubber shoe covers.

There is scarcely anything else that you would need to combat oil spills effectively and economically. Spill cleanup cannot, indeed, get any simpler than the products at Tern Environmental have made it.