Famous Female Celebrity Gambler

Famous Female Celebrity Gambler

There has been a lot of famous people throughout history who became famous in the game, whether in casinos online or in a land-based casino. Who would think that women of a higher world of high society will have time to study a game guide and get into a game seriously?

Some of the best-known celebrities, women in the game industry are presented.

Jennifer Tilly

As for gambling is concern that this woman has become a brand. You will see the name Jennifer Tilly on all pages that have a tag line of the famous player.

Jennifer regularly takes part in gambling tournaments. She is a professional poker player semi veterans.

A the same as any other celebrity, Tilly became a poker player because playing through a series of television programs celebrities. She became involved with a professional poker player Phil Laak namely, who served as his mentor in some way agen sbobet terpercaya, but the fact remains that Tilly is a natural poker player.

Jennifer Tilly

Tilly, it is also one of the celebrities who joined the World Series of Poker. She won the tournament to get your World Series of Poker bracelet. He also won the No-Limit Texas Hold’em event with ladies gains jaw unprecedented $ 158,625.

Marge Simpson

Of course, the famous mother of Bart Simpson, Marge Simpson always have a place in the famous list female celebrity player. Throughout history, every fan knows Simpsons Marge Simpson had a very weak point when it comes to gambling, especially your own favorite slots in Las Vegas. It should be borne in mind that it is not a good idea to follow the strategy of winning Marge, putting a spare ace in his big hair.

Macy Gray

It is said that Macy has potential in the game. It is clearly seen in his surprise appearance in Bravo Celebrity Poker Showdown. She did it in third place, and since then, which marks its potential quality in the eyes of the other players.

Pamela Anderson

The vigilante’s hot beach babe is very fond of playing poker. The news says that her husband-to-be at that time Rick Solomon had offered to pay his debts which in turn led to their marriage.

Helen Chamberlain

The presenter Helen Chamberlain football is a very skilled player online poker. Once she had won £ 270,000 in the Ladbrokes Poker Million Final. She placed second in the tournament in August 2005.

Would it be more inspiring to play if you’re playing at a table against a celebrity? Or will experience a dazed and distracted? I guess it depends on the player. Anyway, there is still an option in which you will not see your rival player in an online casino unless the star itself announced. What do you think?