Indian Army Recruitment Join The World’s Finest Armed Force

Indian Army Recruitment Join The World’s Finest Armed Force

The Indian Army Recruitment is voluntary for Indian citizens, regardless of any caste, religion, community or class. Each year, millions of men and women are employed by the armed forces. One can join either as an army man or an officer. The candidate has to meet the requirements of medical physical and educational standards. The recruitment is conducted according to the Male Population of every state. The two important lines of work in the armed force are in the category of Support Service and Fighting Forces. The Fighting Force comprises of artillery, armored corps, engineering, signals, and the infantry. While, the Support Service is made upon ordinance corps, electronics, and mechanical engineering, medical corps, education, and intelligence.

Permanent Commission:

Recruitment of commissioned officers is through the Union Public Service Commission, which is also a permanent commission. While, recruitment for women special entry scheme, technical branches, NCC special entry scheme, and services are directly made through the Recruiting Directorates under Short Service Commission. Men with 10+2 or intermediate, engineering graduates and graduates are offered the opportunity for permanent commission. The Combined Defense Service Examination is held twice a year for graduates. It is an all India competitive examination and the successful candidates can start their pre-commission training from the Indian Military Academy. Before being sent for training at this academy, the candidates are interviewed by the Service Selection Board. The engineering graduates can join the armed force directly after an interview conducted by this board.

Short Service Commission:

The Indian Army has also provided an option in armed force career, in the form of Short Service Commission. A candidate can join the army as a commissioned officer and serve for 5 years. This option is mainly for those candidates who are not ready to commit to permanent service in the armed force. After serving for 5 years, a candidate can ask for a permanent commission, extend for 5 more years or resign. The short service commission permits women to join.

Women’s Entry Scheme:

Women recruits normally work under Support services, with a good number among them serving as nurses and medical officers. Their selection is on the basis of written exam, medical examination, and SSB interview. Candidates can apply directly while responding to the advertisements which are published in June and December. The training for women officers is conducted from the Officers Training Academy at Chennai. The women officers can serve the army up to 37 years of age.

The Armed Forces Selection Process:

The Indian Army Recruitment process commences by initially screening and shortlisting applicants. This is conducted by the Recruiting Directorate of the Army Headquarters. The shortlisted candidates have to appear before the Service Selection Board. Here they will have to take group and psychological tests and then be interviewed by this board. After passing the interview and the medical tests, the candidates will be placed according to their merit. The final selection will depend on the merit and the vacant posts in the armed force.