Oldies But Goodies Kitchen Points That Still Helps

Oldies But Goodies Kitchen Points That Still Helps

Mothers are always in charge of cooking and they tell their children their good stories about the past. One good story she can share about is her kitchen experience. Every time your mom sees you working in the kitchen, she always got some helpful tips to share with you. You then establish out for yourself that mom was right. Listed here are few tips that worked from generation to generation that you may find helpful.

1. Use of Stainless Steel Spoon – The condiments such as garlic and onions leave smelly hands when you sliced them. To get rid of this, simply make use of a stainless steel spoon by rubbing your hands to it. That is because steel absorbs the smell.

2. Some use of potato – We don’t know how potatoes are helpful for cooking. They help minimize the over-salted pot of soup by just dropping a piece of peeled potato into it. Salt is being absorbed by potato. Also, the freshly peeled potato can also clean the fruit stains from our hands and fingers by rubbing them.

3. Keep tomatoes and citrus fruits out from refrigerator – This is because the Los temperature takes away the good aroma of tomatoes and other citrus fruits so do not put them on the fridge.

4. Water & Vinegar Combination – The combination of water and vinegar will take away calcium develop.

5. White Bread – If you ever happen to burn a pot of rice, don’t be sad. For 5-10 minutes, put a piece of white bread at the top of the rice. You’ll be surprised, the burned flavor is gone.

6. Vegetable oil – Before you chopping chili peppers, put a small amount of vegetable oil and rub it all over your hands.

7. Use of vinegar for defrosting meat – In case you do not know, vinegar helps in bringing down the temperature of the meat to cause quicker thawing. Vinegar also helps to tenderize the meat. Use vinegar when defrost your meat by pouring a small amount.

8. Mustard – Getting burned in the kitchen is a misery. Spread mustard on the burned area. Leave it there for a while. Mustard relieves the pain and avoids blisters.

9. Ice cube – In cooking, ice cube can helps to attract fat and scoop fat out of your cooking. Isn’t it easy?

10. Charcoal – We all know that the fridge has a smell coming from different foods we put inside. To get rid of the bad odors, you can put charcoal inside the fridge. Charcoal with a baking soda. It helps to rid of the bad odor.