World’s most expensive sheep auctioned

World’s most expensive sheep auctioned

Hardly anyone would have thought that the value of sheep could be in crores. But one sheep is sold for 3,50,000 guinea (£ 367,500 or $ 490,651) at auction. Its value in Indian currency is around three and a half crores. It is believed that this is the most expensive sheep ever.

This double diamond of Texel breed was sold to three farmers at the Scottish National Texel Sale in Lanark on Thursday.

Textiles are such a rare breed, which is most in demand. They originate on the small island of Texel off the coast of the Netherlands. Usually, their prices are only in 5 digits. But this time the price was much higher.

Jeff Aiken, one of the highest-paid breeders ever to buy this sheep, said, “Every time something special comes together and yesterday was the day when a special tax came out. Everyone wanted to buy it.

He had already spoken with another breeder to jointly bid for Double Diamond, but a third breeder also joined as the Scottish National Textile bid went up. He said, ‘He was just an excellent animal with the best genetics. There were about seven or eight people who really wanted to buy it and that is why the price went up so much.

This lamb was sold by Charlie Bowden and family from his Sportsman herd in Cheshire.

Talking about earlier sales, the previous record was made in 2009, when a sheep was sold at about 35 percent less price than this lamb.